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i3vo - Innovation, Information, Intelligence evolution

i3vo is a fast growing company established in Athens, Greece in 2022 with a strong focus on research and product innovation. i3vo consists a diverse team made up of innovation managers, business development strategists, project and technical managers, solution architects and software developers, professionals with different backgrounds and experience.

Our Services

Our Services

Our mission is to develop innovative, groundbreaking and forward-looking solutions, inspiring and fulfilling our customers’ needs, at the same time.


i3vo can help you find current and upcoming EU funding opportunities for your research and innovation.

Media & 

Communication is vital for technical innovation projects to build understanding, stimulate creativity and extend reach and impact.

Reseach &

i3vo technical team is your ideal ICT partner to embrace innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions and deliver business value.


i3vo offers a wide range of modular training programs in many innovation fields.


For customers who invest in product innovation or want to explore the potential of their products in new markets.


i3vo will serve as your prototyping partner to develop applications based on cutting edge solutions in order to transform your processes

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