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Why Choose i3vo

Who we are

Innovation, Information, Intelligence evolution Company (i3vo) is a fast growing company established in Athens, Greece in 2022 with a strong focus on research and product innovation. i3vo consists a diverse team made up of innovation managers, business development strategists, project and technical managers, solution architects and software developers, professionals with different backgrounds and experience.

What we do

i3vo provides complete integrated, digital solutions and transformation services for vertical business sectors; Environment (air quality, natural disasters), Utilities and Infrastructures (energy/water/gas, transportation, construction), Production & Manufacturing (food, factories/logistics), Service Sectors (health, education/culture, government, security/defense), as well as Smart Cities.

How we do it

i3vo exploits sophisticated technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud technologies, advanced visualization techniques (Augmented / Conceivable Reality (AR / VR), mobile applications, etc.) in order to provide digital solutions to various business domains.

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